An ice cream dish with a secret ingredient

The Eddy in the East Village has a cozy, family vibe -- and what goes better with family than ice cream?

This restaurant combines interesting ice cream ingredients that you most likely have never heard of.

In one dessert in particular, Chef Brendan McHale brings together malted milk ice cream, pistachio, celery, sea salt, and soda.

"The whole idea of the dish was a root beer float so that was the big inspiration for this," McHale said.   

First came the ice cream, then a fresh dehydrated pistachio crumble, and finally, the secret ingredient, celery.

Chef McHale actually places celery leaves on top of the ice cream, to give it a fresh, summery taste.

Lastly, the adult portion of the dessert is added to top it all off, which is a Amaro Albano Liqueur, along with a creamy topping.

“We take a little bit of milk, sugar, and gelatin, and kind of carbonate it. It’s great kind of comes out light and fluffy on top but you have a great juxtaposition,” Chef McHale explained.

However, ice cream isn’t the only specialty at this restaurant.

It also features a bar with a wide variety of inventive, alcoholic concoctions.

Check out The Eddy, but just keep in mind that the tasting menu changes depending on the season!