Anti-communist rally to proceed despite Proud Boys condemnation

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BERKELEY (BCN) Despite tensions among right-wing factions over a rally planned in Berkeley this weekend that has been officially condemned by the Proud Boys, the organizer still plans to go forward with the event.

The "No to Marxism in America 2/Exposing Communism" event, which is a sort of sequel to an event in 2017, has not been canceled, according to organizer Amber Gwen Cummings.

"I have decided to do another event a year later to expose the corruption in Berkeley and show to this day still has taken no action on the violent communist movement taking place in this city after several 
terroristic acts taking place at my event and prior events," Cummings said in a statement on the Facebook page for the rally.

"My event last year was attacked ... with massive force and it was indeed incited by the mere fact I oppose communism and stand for America," Cummings said. "I plan on returning. even if I have to go alone, I shall do so."

The outcome of the event remains uncertain, however.

Gavin McInnes, founding member of the Proud Boys that planned a controversial meetup at a downtown Oakland bar last week, released a statement on Twitter saying the group has officially "DISAVOWED" the upcoming rally.

"No matter how good their intentions, it is poised to be twisted by the media into some kind of Nazi riot and we don't want nuthin to do with it," McInnes said. 

Cummings has asked that anyone associated with hate groups avoid the rally, saying that they're "not welcome."

The rally is scheduled to take place from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, according to a Facebook page posted for the event.

An official with the Berkeley Police Department declined to discuss specifics but said they would be preparing for a number of contingencies for the event.