Are you burned out? Here are some warning signs

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Studies show there is may be no group more burned out in America than doctors.

Half say they feel overworked, unfulfilled and unhappy with their work-life balance.

And Emory Healthcare internist Dr. Sharon Bergquist say physicians aren't alone.

"I think burnout really is a silent epidemic," Bergquist says. "I think a lot of people feel like they don't have a choice. "

Most of us have to work, she says.  

And finding another job can be tough.

But chronic, unrelenting stress is, quite literally,  wearing us down.

"So some of the signs are severe exhaustion, mentally, physically, emotionally, where you just feel spent," Bergquist says.

"If you're going home at the end of the day, and you just want to lay down, to sit on the sofa, not make dinner, not do anything with family members."

That's a warning sign you're overwhelmed.  

So is dreading work, constantly thinking about the weekend, and feeling like what you do doesn't really matter.  So, why bother?

"A lot of people with burnout are more cynical," Bergquist says.  "And they're constantly complaining. They're very negative."

So, how do you fix burnout?  

Dr. Bergquist says step back, and look at where you are, and what you really want.

"Sit there and just write out, what are your priorities," she says.  "Sometimes re-evaluating the things you need to do, the things that you want to step back from, I think that's important because, ultimately, it's well-being that leads to success."

If you have too much on your plate, see what you can eliminate, and what you can do to build a better life outside of work.

"Because with burnout, the answer is not just work faster, quicker and harder," says Dr. Bergquist. "The answer is you really have to step back and give yourself some time to relax."