Arizona woman nominated for America's Greatest School Nurse competition

From runny noses to sore throats and fever, one valley nurse is up for winning the honor of greatest school nurse in the nation.

Amy Daly is a school nurse at Island Elementary School near McQueen and Elliot Roads. She's competing against 50 other nurses -- one from every state, including Washington, D.C.

The principal, Chris Birgen, nominated Daly for America's Greatest School Nurse.

"My office is right next to hers and I see everyday her goal is to make sure the kids are healthy, but also, her goal is to make sure they get back to their academics," he said.

"I have been a school nurse for six years. I have been a nurse for almost nine years," said Daly. "We treat just about everything. We have sore throats, fevers, broken bones."

Daly says she's completely fulfilled, loves her job and every day she has kids who come in, just wanting a hug sometimes.

"I love all of it. I love the nomination. Just recognition out to the school nurses everywhere. I would love to win of course," she said.

In a letter, Birgen stated, "Mrs. D. is not only a nurse, but a caregiver to 530 kids. She has the ability to turn a rough visit to the nurse's office into a positive experience. She has an amazing skill of providing a loving and supportive environment for all who enter her office. Her office door is always open for students and staff members who are not feeling 100%. What set's her apart from your typical school nurse is passion for kids!!! Numerous times I have witnessed Nurse D. helping students with their classwork while they are in her office receiving breathing treatments. Nurse D. is truly America's Greatest Nurse!!"

The contest ends April 16. You can vote once a day.

Vote for America's Greatest School Nurse
Ends April 16