Atlanta musician finds new audience at animal shelter

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An Atlanta musician is playing for a slightly different audience. Instead of playing in front of crowds of people, she has opted to play for shelter pups in an attempt to calm their nerves.

"It's wonderful to break up the life of a shelter dog while they're here. Relaxation music, and it's been proven calms dogs down," said Karen Hirsch, Lifeline Animal Project.

Which is why Lifeline Animal Project in DeKalb County asked musician Kitty Snyder to help them out. Snyder who volunteers at the shelter jumped at the opportunity and Tuesday, for more than an hour, she sang to the pups.

"I foster, walk dogs, but this is so unique and I've got to practice every once in a while for shows anyways so I have a captive audience," said Snyder.

Cameras were rolling as some of the dogs cuddled up in their beds and closed their eyes. Others just stared at her, one even wiggling with excitement. She went cage by cage and once everyone but her left, the room was silent except for her songs.

"These guys here, they don't have a lot going on in general. They're in the same place every day until forever families come, so I can break that monotony up a little bit. It makes me very happy," said Snyder.

It's something Lifeline Animal Project wants to continue after see how the dogs reacted.

"Most of them got really calm. I noticed a few going in their beds like little kids when they're going to sleep and just cuddling up calming down," said Hirsch.