Atlanta Police: burglary wakes up homeowners

Police continue to investigate a crime that could have ended very differently.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, burglars broke into a home in the Brookwood Hills neighborhood around 3 Saturday morning.  The men, a report states, broke a window near the back door.

The noise woke up the homeowners, who went downstairs to investigate, which was enough to scare the burglars off. 

"It's very frightening for a suspect or a group of suspects to enter anyone's home as they're at home," said Atlanta Police Officer Donald Hannah.  "We're very grateful that no injuries were the result of this because, in any given situation of this magnitude, it could've gone either way." 

Investigators said the men were likely armed because they found a magazine with 10 bullets inside left behind at the scene.  Officers collected the bullets and an iPhone from the home as evidence.

"Anytime we can retrieve clues like that, we can process and try to get fingerprints off of it and move forward as it relates to identifying the suspects in that crime," explained Officer Hannah. 

Atlanta Police ask anyone with information about the crime to call investigators or Crime Stoppers.