Atlantans make the most of a slightly surprising snow day

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Friday’s Winter Storm Warning in Atlanta came nearly four years after another surprise snowstorm paralyzed the city. But other than some frustrating and temporary traffic jams, metro Atlanta residents survived.

On the suddenly snowy streets of Midtown, they were improvising.

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"Usually the adults come out to play around this time."

All across the city people gave thanks for making it home and then discovered their Friday night routine suddenly had an early holiday feeling.

At Tradition Trees on Moreland Avenue, despite the daylong traffic jams, they somehow averaged one tree sale an hour. Maybe because the naturally flocked trees seem so much more inviting.

"I've been doing this for many years and I have never seen snow on the Christmas trees like they are right now," said manager Robbie Pitzer.

"I'm Canadian, so this takes me back to a nice Christmassy night," said Meg McCarron.

Plenty of Atlantans made sure to load up on the essentials, but bread and milk were sold separately.

"We've got beer, we've got whiskey. We've got sodas," said Brandon Becker.

"I'm getting something else because for some reason when I drink that something else I feel a lot warmer," said Joshua Dingle.

And a city feels grateful that no matter how much aggravation this sneaky snowstorm may have caused, we've all seen worse. Except, this time Atlanta sleeps in a bed, not the front seat.

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