Baby alligators soak up the sun at Circle B Bar Reserve

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While it’s usually the big, dinosaur-like alligators who get all the attention at Circle B Bar Reserve south of Lakeland, the baby gators there are pretty cute, too.

As the weather heats up, the littlest gators are fighting for space in the sun. Several of them were visible during a quick walk along the park’s aptly-named Alligator Alley Trail this week – most just hanging out in the marsh, like their larger counterparts.

Circle B Bar Reserve may be best known as the home of ‘Humpback,’ the over-12-foot alligator who’s seen in viral videos skulking along the trail alongside Lake Hancock.  And while the park has its share of alligators – the trail closes during the summertime gator mating season – there are plenty of birds, hogs, fish, and even bobcats.

Meanwhile, Florida Fish & Wildlife officials are reminding people it's just about time to watch out for alligators.  

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During the spring when temperatures rise, gators become more active and visible, so FWC says to swim only in designated areas, keep pets on a leash and away from water, and keep your distance if you see a gator.

The FWC also says while serious injuries caused by gators are rare, they do happen -- especially this time of year when they begin their mating season.


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