Baby born at Florida State Fair

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Talk about a memorable trip to the Florida State Fair. One moment, a mom-to-be was enjoying the day with her family. The next moment, her water broke and there was no time to get to the hospital.

Kesha Martin gave birth right in the middle of the fairgrounds. And, she tells FOX 13 she owes so much to a couple of Hillsborough County deputies in the right place at the right time who helped deliver her baby.

A lot of people go to the Florida State Fair hoping to bring home a prize. Kesha Martin brought home the best prize of all.

"She's very calm and she's gorgeous," Martin said, looking down at her baby.

Friday afternoon, after taking their last ride, Kesha and her family were headed for the exit. Little did she know, her soon-to-be newborn daughter was, too.

"My water broke and then, it was time to push," Martin said.

Mom and dad knew they weren't making it to the hospital. So, they called for help.

"One of the vendors came up - 'I have a lady about to go into labor'," said Hillsborough County Dep. Henry Echenique.

He and Dep. Roberto Ramirez were on patrol nearby.

"She was hollering, the baby's coming, the baby's coming," Echenique  said.

"I was just like, oh my gosh, I am going to have my baby at the fair," Martin said.

She was right.

"Everything's happening so fast," Ramirez recalled.

The deputies helped get her to a safe location.

"We picked her up, moved her closer to, the vendor had a tarp behind his tent there," Echenique said.

Minutes after Kesha's water broke, Lyric Love Robinson rntered the world, not in a quiet hospital room, but, on a tarp, surrounded by rides, fair food and a crowd of supporters.

"It was a big crowd applauding, like a lot of people," Martin said. "I felt like a celebrity. It's a fair baby, that's the only thing they were saying."

In all, 10 deputies helped with the delivery.

"Unexpected and amazing to see that baby open her eyes and cry, not knowing what is going on around her," Echenique said.

Lyric's due date was February 17th. But, mom has a feeling, her curious little girl just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

"She wanted to see the fair. She wanted to see the fair," Martin said. "It was extra crazy. This is a day I don't think I will ever forget."