Baby sloth cuddles with mom at Denver Zoo

A sloth born last month at the Denver Zoo will soon be on display to visitors.

The baby southern two-toed sloth was born January 28, 2018, the zoo said. The little furbaby was born to ‘Charlotte Greenie,’ a 21-year-old sloth who lives at the zoo.

The baby clung to its mother right after birth and will remain attached to her for at least six months.

Zookeepers don't know the gender of the baby, so there’s no name yet.  They'll find out the gender with an exam later. For now, they are just letting mom and baby be together.

Sloths are native to rainforests of South America, according to The solitary mammals spend most of their time in trees either sleeping or eating. Those in captivity typically sleep 15 to 20 hours a day.