'Banner Box' allows ER patients to get medicine almost immediately

This machine in the waiting room of the ER at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix is brand new, and helping patients get all their medical needs taken care of in one place.

"The purpose of this is to extend the reach of our pharmacy into spaces like here in the emergency department that are really too small to have a full pharmacy," said Michael Young, the Senior Director of Retail Pharmacy Services.

The Banner Box is like a prescription ATM machine.

There can be up to 900 different types of medication installed inside. They are based on some of the most common prescriptions written in the ER.

So, after you're given your prescription from your doctor, you can go over to the Banner Box, and start the process. 

It starts with a video call to the pharmacist on duty. You then scan in your prescription, your insurance card, and then it takes just a few minutes until your medicines are dispensed.

Doctors say they hope having these boxes in the ER's will cut down on repeat visits to the ER.

"Lots of patients will leave the ER and then not have the ability to go to the pharmacy right away, whether it's a transportation issue, or they're not feeling well, but now we know they'll get their meds on discharge and immediately," said Dr. Moneesh Bhow.

Ultimately, helping you feel better more quickly.