Bat delivered by C-section struggles to survive at San Diego Zoo

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A baby bat delivered by C-section is struggling to survive at the San Diego Zoo.

Zoo officials released footage of a 12-day-old Rodriques fruit bat soon after it was born.

The male pup is only the second bat of its kind ever to be raised at a nursery by bat keepers.  His mother, Patty was the first.

She died during surgery on January 11.

Zoo officials say the first-time mother was having labor difficulties, and veterinarians decided to move in and perform an emergency C-section to save her baby pup.

Animal care staff is now working around-the clock to ensure the tiny animal's survival.

"Working with a bat is very unique to us here at the nursery. We've only raised one here before and they are very tiny and very fragile animals. So it comes with a lot of unique challenges.'' Kimberly Millspaugh, senior animal keeper at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park said.

Officials have yet to name the new addition to their zoo family. Right now, the pup spends his days inside a special incubator - set between 85 to 89 degrees to regulate his body temperature.

"He's pretty feisty, he's not afraid to let us know what he wants, he's very playful. Typically at this age, they'd just be clinging to their mom, but he's definitely moving around a lot and wanting to play with the keepers,'' Millspaugh said.

Animal care workers feed him human baby formula by hand every two hours, a process that takes nearly 45 minutes and ends with a special bath with a damp cotton ball.

And like all youngsters, he gets wrapped up in a warm blanket in the end to mimic his mother's cradling wings.