Battery powered toy Jeep bursts into flames

There were some frightening moments for a mother in Massachusetts when her children's toy Jeep bursts into flames.

Michelle Kline says her son, three-year-old Quincy, and his little sister, Nellie were driving up the neighbor's lawn when smoke started pouring out of the Jeep.

She sprang into action and pulled the kids out. Kline says as soon as she got the kids to safety the Jeep burst into flames.

“It was alarming, like, how quickly it went up.  It went from just a little bit of smoke to a full-on fire within, like, two minutes. So, that was the scary thing," she said.

The North Andover fire chief said the fire appeared to be related to the toy's battery but figuring out the exact cause of the fire may be nearly impossible.

As for the kids, Kline says they don't seem too upset about losing their toy Jeep and she has no plans on replacing it.