Bear wreaks havoc when trapped inside SUV

A bear wreaked havoc after it briefly became trapped inside a parked SUV near Orlando. 

Rikki Koberg-Perrero said the bear got inside her father's SUV, just outside her Longwood home.  Two other bears were outside the vehicle. She recorded cell phone video of the incident and shared it with FOX 35 News.

"You can see a full size bear in the car, all the doors shut, so it's trapped. The other two bears are just hanging around," she said.

Rikki and her family were inside her home and called for help to get the bear out of the SUV.

"We called 911 so deputies arrived and they called Fish and Wildlife, and it was a party!"

After about 30 minutes, a deputy quickly opened one of the doors while Rikki called to the bear to come out.  The bear eventually made it way out and then darted off with the other bears.

The inside of the vehicle is torn up, with scratches all over the seat, headrests and ceiling.  It's a little too close for comfort for Rikki.

"Obviously, there's a lesson to be learned about locking your car doors apparently, because they have figured that out."