Bedford teen found dead in landfill died from homicidal violence

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The cause of death for a Bedford teen found dead in a landfill is homicidal violence, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner said Thursday.

Kaytlynn Cargill disappeared on a Monday night in June from her family’s apartment complex. She was found dead in an Arlington landfill two days later. Her death raised questions about why Bedford police never issued an Amber Alert.

In a press release from Bedford police on Thursday, they maintained that there is no threat to the public despite no arrests being made.

"To maintain the integrity of the investigation, the Bedford Police Department cannot and will not discuss any specifics, as this still an open and active investigation," the department said.

Kaytlynn disappeared on June 19 about 6:20 p.m. after leaving her apartment on Oak Creek Lane to walk her dog. Police said her parents looked for her for about 30 minutes and then reported her missing an hour and a half later.

Bedford police said Kaytlynn’s information was immediately entered into a local and national database for missing children, but at that point, officers had no information that led them to believe she was abducted or kidnapped.

News of Kaytlynn's violent death devastated her neighbors at the Oak Creek Apartments.

"I can't even begin to understand what her family is feeling," said neighbor Joseph Vigil. "It tears me apart and brings me to tears because that child all she was doing was walking right over there."

Brandi King, who lives in the complex, is scared.

"At first I wanted to think that [police] knew something that we did not, basically that they're not going to share with us," she said. "But it's kind of startling now to find out about the development and then they're 'so no arrest made.' That leads me to believe there is something to worry about."

Bedford police's statement that there is no threat to the public despite the lack of arrests did not sit well with neighbors.

"What I want to find out is who did it and are they going to bring them to justice?" said neighbor Donna Fitch. "I think that's what all of us are looking for now."

The medical examiner's office did not reveal in what manner Kaytlynn was killed. A spokesperson says the information will be in the autopsy report expected to be ready by September 21.