Black students at Sam Houston State University reporting racist behavior on campus

A Black female student, who chose to remain anonymous, tells FOX 26 she noticed the n-word written on dry-erase boards on the dorm room doors of Black students at Sam Houston State University – including her own. 

On Thursday, online posts show students reported another Black female student was targeted by a group of white students near the student center. Water was poured on her by the group while using racial slurs. 


"It's not even like a full semester yet," says the freshman student. "I'm more aware now because I've never experienced blatant racism like this before." 

SHSU’s Public Information Officer Stephanie Knific confirms an incident was reported on campus on September 22. She released the following statement: 

"The conduct reported to university officials on September 22 is appalling and disheartening and does not represent Sam Houston State University’s values. The University Police Department and other appropriate offices are investigating as the university does not condone this behavior in any way and is committed to fostering an inclusive environment. Any violation of the university’s Student Code of Conduct or the law will be dealt with by the proper authorities. Sam Houston State University encourages any campus member to report behaviors of discrimination to the Office of Equity and Title IX."


"I don't want it to be swept under the rug," says the student. "Whoever did this. I want them to get penalized for it. I feel like if it was reversed, things would be moving much faster than what they are now."