Boy goes to great lengths to keep dog in yard

It is the old adage that a dog is a man’s best friend. There might not be a better example of that than a Fulton County boy who is doing everything he can to keep his best friend safe. But his dog is an escape artist, and no matter how high the boy builds his backyard fence, his dog keeps getting out.

The boy is not giving up and he's gotten some much-needed help from an Atlanta-area animal non-profit.

"Here I had to put up a whole bunch of wood… all of this. I had to put up by myself," said Erick Bravo.

While most kids Bravo's age are outside playing, he's busy mending his fence in order to keep his dog safe. Bravo uses whatever he can to keep Junior from getting out.

"I don't want to just put up wood to the point the fence looks ugly or raggedy but I do put it up to the point where it's high enough to where he can't jump," said Bravo.

No matter what Bravo seems to do, Junior still finds a way out.

Junior's been hit by a car and even dodged a bus

"That was the most scariest [sic] part I had with him. If that MARTA bus would have hit him, it would have been over for him," said Bravo.

That's when Bravo decided to reach out to Lifeline Animal Project. They recommended neutering to begin with.  Erick researched it and set an appointment for the operation.

"When we came to pick him up and saw all of the work Erick had done on the house we were amazed and impressed," said Andrea Peterson, LifeLine Animal Project.

LifeLine gave him a runner, but Bravo said this can't be a permanent solution for Junior

"I don't want him to live on a runner forever, that's not what I want for him," said Bravo.

Instead, he said wants Junior to run free. In the meantime, he said Junior is at least safe on the runner until he can come up with a more permanent solution or someone can help him out with a fence.

"As long as he can roam without jumping a fence anymore, anyone that could help I'd appreciate in. It would help me and junior out," said Bravo.

Anyone who would like to help can contact LifeLine Animal Project.