Boy robs gas station at gunpoint, rides off on skateboard

Police in California are trying to track down an armed robbery suspect. But this one was committed by a 6th grader.

Customers at the ARCO gas station in Stockton, California, call the robbery surprising, especially considering his age. Police estimate the boy is about 11 years old.

"It's ridiculous I couldn't believe it," Arco employee James Ratto said. "It's just very sad to see someone this young try to do something like this."

Surviellance video from outside shows the boy skating up the store Monday afternoon. He didn't pick up snacks or anything - bhe just pulled out a gun and demanded cash from the clerk. The employee, a woman in her 50s, was staring down the barrel of the gun held by the child.

"She just screamed for our co-worker. The kid got frightened, I'm assuming, and ran off," Ratto said.

Video inside also captured the boy's robbery. He was wearing a gray hoodie, black and white backpack, and a purple bandana covering his face.

There are two big questions: who is this 11 year old? And why did he do this?

"Does he have family problems that he's trying to help the family out? Is it to steal the money to help them? Or is he trying to get initiated into something?" Ratto wonders. "I'm sure this was his first time thinking of doing it and he hopefully doesn't try to do it again."