Brawl at Webster Hall

It was supposed to be a fun Saturday night show at the historic Webster Hall. Instead, the Skate Maloley concert turned into mayhem and it was all documented moment by moment on live social media feeds.

The rapper/singer's "Skate Rade" tour usually draws a calm crowd full of adoring female fans as you see in his music video.  But chaos erupted, when two young women started throwing punches at each other, with one waving a piece of silver hair weave like a victory flag 

"It was a sold out concert. We were just trying to have fun and all this happened. We paid for our tickets and we got robbed," fan Juliana Lichtus said.

Moments later on stage, fans say Skate's partner Derek Luh was manhandled and beaten by security.

Instead of calming things down, Lichtus says they made it worse. She ended up with a concussion.

"It was so scary.  I thought I was going to get tazed. I got pushed down the stairs by a security guard. It was just insane."

The venue's management told Fox 5:   "There are misreports about what took place, Webster Hall 's staff do not carry Tasers and are not armed." But there are plenty of social media witnesses who got pushed to the edge when they saw their idol skate Maloley get thrown to the ground.

“They made it so much worse,” concertgoer Amanda Yakalis said. “There were so many ways they could have dealt with it."

Skate says he took blows to try to protect the many fans that were crowding the stage. He left bruised and in tears, and never got to finish the show.

The NYPD tells us despite all the fights, there was only one arrest. A 23 year-old man was charged with assault for punching another man in the face.