'Bullets were going nonstop': women describe mayhem and their escape from Las Vegas shooter

Two Marion County, Florida women ran for their lives when a shooter opened fire at the Las Vegas music festival they were attending Sunday night.

“I thought I was going to die. It was the worst night of my life,” said Becca Laws of Weirsdale.

Laws and her friend Shelley Mallory described escaping the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history during a phone interview with FOX 35.

“The bullets were going nonstop,” Laws said. “They would go for hundreds and hundreds of automatic rounds going off.  It sounded like you were in a war zone.”

“I actually called my husband immediately when we hit the floor and crawled under our seats at the stadium and I never hung up with him. I didn't realize that I didn't hang up with him so he could hear everything,” Mallory said, who lives in Belleview.

When there was a break in the gunfire, the women say they ran, getting back on the ground whenever the shooting started again.

“I’m surprised we were not shot because we had to run across the field and that's where people lying dead and bloody,” Laws said.

Laws says they begged a stranger for a ride out of the area and he took them to the police department. The two are physically not hurt, but left emotionally struggling.

They plan on traveling to California before coming back to central Florida.