Burglar enters window, crawls into woman's bed

An Florida woman got quite the scare this weekend. 

Regina Bolen, 19, of Alachua, said she woke up early Sunday morning to a strange man in her bed.  She said her brother woke her up, asking "Regina, who is this? I'm like, 'What are you talking about?'" she said.

It was a shocking wake up for the 19-year-old mother to find a man she's barely acquainted with in her bed.

"He climbed through this window, and he was laying diagonally on my bed," she said.  "My baby was right there, and I was asleep right there."

Authorities said it was 34-year-old Gerrel Richardson.

Bolen said Richardson moved a chair, put it right below her bedroom window, stepped up onto it, and unlocked her window to climb into bed with her.

"Why did he get in my bed?" Bolen asked.  "That's all I want to know. Why? Why would you welcome yourself through my window?"

Bolen said she ran out of the room and dialed 911.

Jesse Sandusky, with Alachua Police said, "I got the phone call about it, you kind of sit back and go, "Did that really happen?"

By the time they could respond, police say Richardson had taken off, so they brought in a K9 who tracked him to a nearby house.  Richardson is now facing charges, including felony burglary.

Sandusky said, "We don't really know at this time of he had any ill intent once he got in bed with her."

Even so, Bolen said it was a terrifying experience. 

Bolen said,  "He could've hurt us, all of us in that house. I was sound asleep."

She said she is taking no more chances.

"I check the doors and make sure nobody can get in there anymore," she said.

According to police records, Richardson is in the Alachua County Jail.