Busch Gardens builds trust with gorilla through mimicking movements

It takes quite a bit of trust to build any relationship, even between a human and gorilla.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay gave a glimpse of those important moments through a video posted on the theme park’s Facebook page. Bolingo, who is one of seven gorillas at the theme park, is seen within his enclosed ape habitat mimicking the movements by animal care specialist, Rachel Hale. The only thing between them was a glass wall. One adorable act was when Rachel did a handstand, Bolingo did one too.

Hale, who has been working with Bolingo for three years, says her favorite part about the primate is his personality.

"He is often times goofy, energetic and intelligent and because of this, my goal each and every day is to find new ways to keep him engaged," she said. "He’s picky about what interests him, so the session that you are seeing in the video is me having to think outside the box for new ideas."

Hale said the training helps build positive relationships with the all of the animals at the theme park, and keep them stimulated.