Calls for action after Jersey City boy is fatally hit by cars

Family, friends, and neighbors gathered outside of Bostwick Avenue to remember 8-year-old Jermaine Woodward Jr., who was killed last weekend in a hit and run.

Jermaine's father, Jermaine Woodward Sr., explained that his son was standing in what he thought was a safe place, in the bike lane, on Bostwick Avenue. That's when he says witnesses told him the first car veered into the bike lane hitting his son, sending him in the air.  

Then Jermaine was run over by a second car.  

The first car fled the scene, while the second car stopped down the road.

Jermaine’s family claims that both of the cars were speeding down the road.

"He was a great kid," Jermaine Senior said, "He was my angel, he was the blocks angel," Jermaine Jr. was his only son.

Jermaine was a straight A student and played football for the Jersey City Gators, his family said.

Days after the accident, cars roll slowly down the block.

Makeshift signs have been put up near the spot Jermaine was struck, hoping drivers will slow down, but that's not the usual case.

Speeding is a longtime problem in Jersey City, especially along the main thoroughfare of Kennedy Boulevard.

The speed limit is 25, but the traffic flow is easily 45 to 50 mph.

Former City Councilwoman Viola Richardson said people need to just drive more carefully and maybe police ought to start writing some tickets.

“I don’t care what the speed limit is. We all need to slow it down and we need to act as if these are our children, these are our grandchildren, these are nieces and nephews that are living in these streets,” Richardson stated.

Now, the drivers of both cars are known. However, no arrests have been made.  

Jersey City officials say that there is plenty of investigation left to do in this case and that investigation remains open.