Candy store for adults

New candy store in New Jersey is making adults salivate like trick or treaters on Halloween. Lolli and Pops in the Garden State Plaza in Paramus opened a few weeks ago. Chief purveyor Debra Deline says that Lolli and Pops is more than your average candy store.

This California-based chain offers a twist on many favorites, like gummi bears. They come in flavors like strawberry banana, black cherry, and champagne appeal to adult palates. There are surprising tastes too, like jalapeño.

Chocolate lovers will swoon over the wide variety of flavored truffles like merlot and mimosa. You can even continue your happy hour in the chocohol section.

Find cotton candy flavors like pumpkin cheesecake and eggnog latte. Popcorn in bacon caramel and even sriracha.

There is candy from Europe, Asia, and Mexico. And there are even gluten free, organic, and vegan options, too.

However, the most popular item in the store is the harry potter themed non-alcoholic butterscotch beer.

Lolli and pops also offers tours of the store and samples for anyone who asks.