Card party: Daughter requests funny cards for mom battling brain cancer

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A daughter is asking total strangers for help in keeping her mother in good spirits as she undergoes radiation at Emory. She's asking that people send funny cards to make her mom laugh through this difficult time. She's calling it the "card party."

Sue Light’s prognosis is not good and her family knows they have a limited amount of time left. Her daughter, Jenny Johnson, said she was thinking of a way to make her mom laugh and came up with the idea of sending funny cards. She posted her request on Twitter hoping it would reach a lot of people.

Johnson and her mom try to stay in good spirits as they navigate through Sue's battle with brain cancer. The medical file keeps building, but these two keep smiling even though Sue knows her time here on Earth is running out.

"I don't know how much time, but I want to laugh. I know I'm secure in heaven because of Jesus Christ but until then I just want to laugh," said Sue Light.

In 2015, Sue had a baseball-sized mass removed from her brain. Last week, she learned more cancer has formed on her skull. Jenny, who has also battled health issues, knows the importance of staying positive.

"If I wallow in it, I get nowhere, so sometimes I have to find my smile and my mom’s favorite thing to do is laugh so it's like what can I do to make mom laugh," said Jenny Johnson.

So she posted her mom's story on Twitter asking complete strangers to send cards to keep her mom laughing.

"She loves to laugh. I think she finds a lot of things funny. If you find it funny I'm sure will find it funny," said Jenny Johnson.


Cards have started to come in and Jenny's plan is working like she planned.

"Jenny could not have picked a better thing for me. I love cards. I've been sending cards my whole life. it's been my thing, so now to get them. And they all come with hugs and laughter and love...the things that mean the most to me," said Sue Light.

Sue will spend the next six and half weeks undergoing radiation, but she believes the cancer will continue to spread. Sue said she only has about two years left. She admits she never dreamed her life would be cut short.

"Yeah, it was a shock but you get up, dust yourself off and laugh… that's what I do," said Sue Light.

For those who want to join in and send a funny card, they can be mailed to Sue Light, 8014 Cumming Highway, Suite 403-141, Canton, Georgia 30115.