CDC warns of 2nd wave of flu hitting US

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning to parents that a second wave of flu is beginning to hit the U.S. and the latest strain impacts small children more severely.

While the CDC notes overall cases of the flu are dropping, cases of Influenza B are on the rise. That strain affects small children more severely than Influenza A, according to officials.

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Peak flu season may be over and flu cases may be on the decline, but officials are warning residents to remain vigilant.

“Last week, 17 states still reported widespread flu activity and five more children died last week from the flu,” Dr. Nicole Saphier told Fox News. “It’s not necessarily so uncommon, but we just want to make sure people are aware that flu season is not over so you still need to remain vigilant when it comes to healthy behavioral habits.”

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Saphier noted that Influenza B is more effective when it comes to the flu vaccine so people who have received a flu shot will likely to be more protected from Influenza B than they would from Influenza A.

Officials said it’s still not too late to get the flu shot and encouraged preventive measures such as consistent hand washing, cleaning surface areas and avoiding hand contact to the face, eyes, nose and mouth when out in public. If you’re feeling sick, officials urged you limit your physical contact with small children and the elderly.

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Saphier said the flu season won’t officially end until warmer weather arrives and is sustained.