CES Trends: Laundry Folding Robots, Invisible Breast Pumps and Home Automation Starter Kits

The country’s largest tech convention starts in Las Vegas this week, and FOX 11 looked at some of the hottest trends this year.

The company Seven Dreamers created a robot closet that will fold a load of your laundry.

“There are multiple robot folding arms in there and multiple cameras,” says President Shin Sakane.

It quietly separates clothes by either clothing category or by family members.

They hope to launch by the end of the year, and bring the cost to under two ground

And if you haven’t figured out home automation yet, iDevices let’s you do it in baby steps.

“You can take any lightbulb that you have and just simply smooth it into your socket and it becomes smart. So now you’re able to communicate with all your devices in a really simple way,” says account supervisor Meghan Petchel.

And it’s is wearable technology like you’ve never seen it- a breast pump by “Willow” that’s so tiny, the pump and the bag fit into your bra.

Ariel Loop is a new Mom and says she wears it everywhere - and you wouldn’t even know it.

“I have it inside my bra right now, I have a regular nursing bra, that it clips down and you can pull it and put it in, so it’s not any more uncomfortable than wearing a sports bra,” says Loop.