Charlotte Pence talks about new book 'Marlon Bundo's A Day in the Life of the Vice President'

Charlotte Pence, daughter of Vice President of the United States Mike Pence, has written a new book about a day in the life at the White House through the eyes of Pence family rabbit, Marlon Bundo.

Marlon, "Bunny of the United States" or BOTUS follows Vice President Mike Pence around the White House and in his to daily activities.

"I think Marlon kind of brings people together," said Charlotte Pence.

Marlon has already captured the hearts of many and has huge following on Instagram.

"I mean when he had his Instagram page that was really where we got the idea for the book. We wanted to do a book about him. So to make it educational was really fun. I would love to do more books about Marlon, see what other adventures he goes on. It's kind of cool," said Pence.

The pence family also has a puppy Harley, a kitten Hazel.

"A lot of teachers told me they really liked the book because they can teach kids about the Vice Presidency but doing it with something cute and fluffy is easier," said Pence.

Second Lady Karen Pence, even did the illustrations for her daughter's book.

"She has always been an artist. She started doing watercolors when my brother was born. So a long time ago now, but she's great. She used to have a business where she actually did people's houses."

"I think we both really wanted to simultaneous and this is going to be this fun mother-daughter thing and it's been really really cool."