Clothing line Ash and Erie for shorter men reaches sales milestone

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With about 40 million guys a bit on the shorter side, one local company decided that's a market to work with.

Ash and Erie is a clothing company for guys 5'8" and shorter that's just hit a milestone -- $1 million in sales.

"You go to the mall you buy something you take it to the tailor and it's the norm it's just expected so then there was just a certain point where we said alright, this isn't the norm. This is and how our taller friends shop. Let's go and fix that," said co-founder Steven Mazur.

This Detroit success story that helps solve some people's wardrobe woes is just getting started in a sense. Started in 2015, they've buttoned up the market for shorter guy shirts. But there's jeans too. 

"For us it's a great time to be focusing on fit and help shorter guys find the right option because that's definitely a trend," Mazur said.

The difference between wearing a shirt that kind of fits and one that fits well is a feeling men are wearing on their sleeves.  
"Guys are saying I want something that fits well because that's what looks the best. When you look your best, you feel your best and you're more confident too," Mazur said.

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