Conroe man offers $5,000 to find the killer of his beloved hunting dog

“It’s been devastating, just the fact that knowing we live in a world where somebody would actually shoot somebody’s pet somebody’s lab, somebody’s family,” said Cass Coroiescu.

Beau was a dog like no other. Her owner Coroiescu says she loved to hunt, play with the neighborhood children and take naps with her cat.

Last Tuesday Beau went missing.

“We saw some buzzards about 300 yards from our house on the pipeline so we walked back in there and that’s where we found her where the buzzards were,” Coroiescu said. “At first I didn’t want to believe it. The closer I got, the better I could see her pink collar on her, the bright pink collar and name tag, and we just lost it.”

Beau is just a memory now. Instead of his beloved dog, Coroiescu only has her pink collar, the spot in the backyard where she’s buried and a hole in his heart.

Coroiescu says he has no doubt the heartless act was intentional.

“If not they would have come forward already,” he said.

After the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department told him they couldn’t do anything without an eyewitness or confession, Coroiescu took matters into his own hands. He’s offering a $5,000 reward to find Beau’s killer.

In his quest for justice, Coroiescu says he’s hearing from others who had their dogs shot around the Deer Trail area of Conroe.

“Money is just money. It’s nothing compared to stopping who did this,” Coroiescu said.