Cops and bar owners team up to help Brooklyn hipsters stay safe

Crime is down in NYC, but for some young adults in Brooklyn it's a different story.

"Hipsters" are becoming the go-to-target for criminals, and according to cops.  It's because these young, trendy folks are just not paying attention. 

"Hipsterberg, yes Hipsterberg: Where they don't have curtains and they leave their windows open and they are surprised someone would actually climb in," said Officer Dave Siev.

Brooklyn cops and bar owners are now teaming up.  It's called OutsmartBK, and it’s a month-long campaign to raise awareness about so-called hipster predators and to teach some safety tips to the Brooklyn community. 

David Rosen, founder of the Brooklyn Allied Bars and Restaurants coalition, said what makes this campaign unique is the way it targets its demographic.  

Traditionally, police passed along safety tips at church services or community board meetings.  But, young people typically don't go to those events.  

Instead, OutsmartBK is going digital, posting pictures on Instagram.

One photo shows a hand holding some keys, with the tagline: "When you’re getting home late, no need to linger at the gate, get your keys out before you get to the door."

Cops and bar owners hope sharing that message will get partygoers to remember to stop and think.  

But some people arn't on board. When asked whether he would check out the Instagram account, an area resident said, "I don’t care.”

"I would hope that I have common sense to figure my own way out,” one woman said, “I guess it’s not hurting anyone. I hope they aren't putting a lot of money into it. I personally would never follow it, no."

While it seems this campaign isn't resonating with the Brooklyn crowd, some young adults are taking advantage.

OutsmartBK even sponsors a self-defense class at Brooklyn Athletic Club.

One woman said the tips are important.  

"It was in a train station and I was chased. I had to run, of course. He grabbed me and I had to just fight him off of me. Thank goodness the little bit of karate I took just came into play," she explained.

OutsmartBK kicked off July 10th  will continue until August 10th. Learn more at #outsmartbk on Instagram.