Couple celebrates 60th anniversary at the Varsity

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Every couple has something special that they use to celebrate the special day when they tied the knot. It could be something as small as a gesture or as big as a family tradition.

For Tom and Margaret Ward that celebration involves onion rings and chili dogs.

The Wards have an annual tradition that they've kept for the past 60 years. Every year on March 22, their anniversary, Tom and Margaret go to Atlanta mainstay The Varsity and celebrate.

The couple celebrates with three chili dogs, one order of French fries, one order of onion rings, a medium Coke, one orange Frosty, and one apple pie, their daughter Bonnie Dunn told FOX 5.

Tom and Margaret met when she was 7 years old after his family bought the lot next to her house.

The family story is that Margaret's older sisters wanted to meet Tom using an elaborate rule involving them pretending to wreck their bikes. Margaret refused to go through with it, saying "I'm not doing that. I might marry him someday."

That prediction came true. Tom and Margaret married on March 22, 1958.

They have three children, eight grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren (with another on the way), and three great-great-grandchildren.

Happy anniversary to the happy couple and all of us here at FOX 5 hope they enjoyed the onion rings!