Dad creates elaborate Disneyland scene, with fireworks show and all

A Nevada dad is getting a lot of attention for recreating a spectacular Disneyland scene in his 7-year-old daughter's room, complete with a fireworks lights display and all.     

Lyle Coram's daughter, Shelby, is a huge Disneyland fan. Dad says the family has a season pass to the Anaheim theme park and has made dozens of visits there.

So it was his daughter's love for the "Happiest Place on Earth" that inspired Coram to create a Disney themed bedroom for her with colorful lights, snowflakes dancing on the ceiling, and of course, a fairy tale castle. 

Every visit they made to Disneyland, Coram says he brought back ideas for the bedroom design. 

And with help from his wife, Shannon, Coram spent about three months on and off, bringing his vision to life.

When it all come together, his daughter Shelby sat under the lights, just taking it all in.

Going to bed at night is a pretty exciting event, as she falls asleep under dancing snowflakes or a simulated fireworks display.

The Coram house has become a pretty popular destination for sleepovers too, Coram joked, with Shelby's friends often coming over to spend the night at the mini-Disneyland getaway.   

Dad also notes, he's made additions along the way when they get bored of the same display and changes it up by adding new visuals like a lightning storm or "Star Wars" scene.  

He says from start to finish, including the cost to repaint the walls, put down carpet, and project the images on the ceiling, the bedroom project cost less than $2,000.

Coram has extensive background knowledge in working with lights to create whimsical settings. 

He works at Paris and Bally’s Las Vegas hotels, as a stagehand with IATSE local 720 and says he and his crew often work with projectors to create visual displays. 

Videos of his Disney creation have gone viral and Coram says he's received a lot of requests from people asking him to redesign their own children's bedroom.

But the best attention he says he's received has been from his daughter, who regards him as super-dad.

"I can do anything, she says," Coram said of his daughter. "And that's the best part."