Dad rescues kids from burning home

A father raced into a burning home to save his six children, braving the flames and busting through glass to reach his babies. 

Authorities said Brad Russell, of Mount Dora, Florida, ran into the house for his six-year-old daughter. He tried to carry her out and the roomed filled with flames.  He suffered serious some burns before he ran back into the home a second time to set his dog free from his crate and to get gather the rest of the children. 

It remains unclear what started the blaze, but Russell said he had no warning.  None of the fire detectors went off, he added. 

"We are still alive," said Russell.  "I am not a hero, I am their dad."

The family is still looking for a place to live. Brad and his wife, Amber, have a Go Fund Me page.  The fire remains under investigation.