Dallas Skyline HS senior saddles up for unique 'promposal'

In true Texas style, A North Texas high school senior saddled up on a horse for a unique ‘promposal.’

For Skyline High School senior Jose Morales Delgado, he wanted to make sure his promposal to his girlfriend, Jennifer Jaramillo, was one they would never forget.

During the end of classes last week, Jose was prepared outside of the campus ready for the proposal. With the help of a full mariachi band, he rode up on a dressage horse and with a bouquet of flowers in hand ready to pop the question.

Once Jennifer came out, the band started playing and the horse started to dance along with it.

The couple posed together after with a sign Joel made that said, “Will you ride to prom with me?” Of course, Jennifer said yes.

Even the school principal was impressed.

“Most unique ever!” she tweeted.

The couple’s senior prom will be on May 19.