DC-area teen's heartwarming promposal goes viral (VIDEO)

While it's usually the guy that does the asking, this teen's tear-jerking promposal has a deeper meaning on why she decided to do the asking instead. 

Anacostia High School seniors Keyonna Marie Moore and Tyuan Malik Barbour are both friends with very exciting milestones coming up-- including prom! 

Tyuan was born handicapped and has faced many challenges throughout his life. There are events that he's been unable to participate in, one which includes high school dances. 

And with prom coming up-- basically every teen's rite of passage-- Keyonna wanted to make Tyuan feel special. So she went all out with balloons, cupcakes and a sign that asked the teen if he'd go to prom with her-- he said yes!

"I just wanted to show him that he matters and give him the attention and kindness that he deserves," Keyonna told FOX 5. 

She described him as being a sweetheart, with a warm smile to match his personality. 

"I believe that everyone should be treated like the beautiful Kings and Queens," Keyonna said. 

Antonio Gray, Tyuan's cousin, told FOX 5 that the family is overwhelmed with joy and that Tyuan's mom cried after hearing the story went viral. 

Gray said that Keyonna's intentions were truly pure and that she simply just wanted to make a difference in his cousin's life.

"She found it in her heart to want to make a difference for someone with special needs. Not for social media and not just to get people to like her for doing something so good but from the kindness of her heart." Gray also said, "She’s a very good friend to Tyuan and she’s planning on sticking beside him."

It'll be Tyuan's first dance, the best one ever, and Tyuan's family is very supportive of Keyonna.