Deer tries to jump inside SUV that hit it

A deer that was hit by an SUV in New Jersey wasn't going down without a fight.  A police vehicle's in-car camera captured what happened after Ellen Sager struck the animal on Sept. 17 in Howell Township.

In an interview with Chasing News, Sager said, "I bumped him, didn't think I killed him, I just wanted to pull over and make sure he wasn't flailing in the middle of the road."

Sager stopped and opened her door so she could look at the damage. The patrolman pulled over to help when the buck ran back across the road and tried to jump into Sager's driver's seat.

"He was mad.  He was pissed," Sager said.  "I had my foot in his chest the whole time.  I had two hand-fulls of antlers and my foot in his chest just to keep him from trying to pull me down."

She managed to kick it away and close the door.  Sager sustained a minor injury to her knee. The deer died from its injuries.  Her car had scratches, both inside and outside, from the deer.


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