Delta flight from Atlanta makes emergency landing after cabin fills with smoke

A Delta Air Lines flight taking off from Atlanta was forced to make an emergency landing in New Mexico after hitting trouble in the air.

The flight, which was heading to Los Angeles from Atlanta's Hartfield-Jackson International Airport, made an abrupt stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico after the plane's cabin began filling up with smoke midway through the flight.

Videos posted on Twitter captured the scary moments when the smoke came into the cabin while an alarm blared.

Thankfully, the plane landed safely and no one was hurt.

Journalist Mark Johnson, who was on the plane during the emergency situation, said that the pilots were forced to make an emergency landing after an engine shut down.

After landing, Johnson shared video of the passengers clapping for the pilots to thank them for getting them on the ground safely.

The Federal Aviation Authority is investigating the emergency landing.

Passengers were put on another plane to continue their journey, Delta Air Lines said.