Deputies: Toddlers found home alone with aggressive dog loose, gun nearby

Deputies in Florida say a three-year-old girl called 911 on Tuesday morning, babbling away.  

The 911 dispatcher for the Volusia County Sheriff's Office did her best asking the child if there was an emergency, but the little girl's responses were not understandable.  

"Is your mommy or daddy there with you?" asked the dispatcher.  

All that could be heard on the other end was more babble and a dog howling in the background.  The call lasted eight minutes -- long enough for a deputy to get out to the home, knock on the door and see the toddler through a window talking on the phone.  
Deputies say there was an aggressive dog loose inside with the girl, two more dogs caged in the kitchen, and a one-year-old boy in a playpen but no sign of an adult home.  Records show the investigator tracked down the manager of the mobile home park to let them inside to get the children.  The deputy noted the home was in "complete disarray" and that there was an unsecured gun in a back bedroom that the children could have reached.   

Approximately two hours later, deputies said they found the children's mom, Yajaira Tirado, coming out of a home in a separate section of the trailer park.  Deputies said she told them she had only been gone for five minutes, explaining that she had gone to a neighbor's to get groceries. 

Deputies said Tirado's story kept changing.  She's been charged with two counts of child neglect with no harm.  Tirado is now back home with her family on a $5,000 bond.