Detroit man nearly shot multiple on I-96, drives self to hospital

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A Detroit man is nearly killed after being shot multiple times while driving on the freeway.

The 33-year-old was driving on I-96 on Wednesday afternoon when a vehicle pulled up alongside him and opened fire. 

The victim drove to Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills with both his body and his Chevy Trailblazer full of bullet holes.
"I'm hoping and praying that he's doing fine. They just say they got him heavy sedated."

The victim was alone in the vehicle at I-96 at Outer Drive when a green Nissan pulled up alongside him.

That Nissan driver fired at least 30 rounds at the Trailblazer. 

The victim was shot in the neck, the shoulder and the arm. 

Bullets peppered the Trailblazer blowing out the windows, the right front tire and piercing the door.

Although he was badly wounded the victim drove approximately three miles to the emergency room on Grand River.

He called his family as he drove.

"We was sittin' in the house and we got a phone call from him and he said I've been shot at. And we was like where you at? And he was like I'm on Fenkell and that was it and he told his sister like meet me at the hospital."

Detroit Police are at a loss to explain this incident.

Who is the shooter? Is this road rage, a hired hit or was it random or someone under the influence firing all these shots?

"I'm just sayin it's the world now. What do you think it's a crazy person or could someone have been mad at him what's in your mind. Well you know what I really couldn't see anyone being mad at him because even the kids like him so I really can't say."

"No he don't have no enemies I don't think so that's just a point that I feel he don't have no enemies at all."

Police say the location of the incident was busy at one o'clock Wednesday. Investigators know many people saw this happen who simply have not come forward.

Before the victim  was sedated he told police he believed there was one in the car shooting at him.

Police are scrubbing the M-Dot cameras to see if they can pick up that green Nissan and maybe even get a plate number.

If you have information that can help call Detroit police.