Disney characters pay Napa evacuation center a visit

Disney characters show up at a Napa evacuation center. Photo courtesy of Jose Perez. 

Evacuation centers housing victims of the wildfire tragedy have described donations in various forms, from food trucks to medical attention. On Saturday, at the Napa College center, Disney characters stopped by to pay the kids a visit.

Despite being out of immediate danger, poor air conditions have kept the evacuees mostly indoors since Monday evening. And with blue skies showing Saturday, they were able to go outside, said Jose Perez, a Red Cross volunteer who was helping out at the Napa College evacuation center.

And so when Disney’s Belle and Cinderella showed up, they were greeted with especially large smiles. The radiating joy and happiness was heartfelt and tremendously touching.

“It almost made me tear up,” said Perez, on seeing the reactions. “These people are suffering enough.”

But it didn’t stop with the two special guests. A local florist made an appearance with bundles of white roses. They canvased the evacuation center, passing out roses to women, and further brightening up a scene that’s been draped in a dark, gloomy catastrophe.

‘It was overwhelming and hard to hold back from choking up,” Perez said.