Disturbing & chaotic SFPD body cam videos released of fatal officer-involved shooting

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The repeated screams of "I have kids!" are captured on video of a San Francisco Police Department officer-involved shooting from Amazon Barber Shop last week.

An officer can be seen on the ground and he seems to be pointing his gun at the suspect inside the barber shop, while there are customers inside. The shop is on the corner of London Street and Geneva Avenue in the Crocker Amazon neighborhood. 

Authorities released two officers' body cam videos and dashboard camera footage at a town-hall meeting Thursday night from the March 21 incident, where a 21-year-old suspect, Jehad Eid, of Suisun, was killed by police gunfire.

Police said Eid opened fire on them first. 

Police said preliminary evidence shows that Eid fired nine rounds from his 40 caliber firearm that was located in the barbershop. Officers fired 26 rounds. Eid was hit approximately 18 times. 

The suspect was handcuffed and given medical aid as an ambulance was called. He was transported along with all the other injured parties to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, but did not survive his injuries. 

Four other people were wounded in the shooting's crossfire, including one of the responding officers. Two of the victims injured were barbers.  

In the first video, an officer falls backwards and blood can be seen coming from his leg. 

Someone yells that they were "hit" before another voice repeatedly screams, "I got kids! There's a kid in that chair!" Though none can be seen in the chair, just people inside the shop ducking and crouching for cover. 

A second officer's body cam shows the scene from the outside of the shop. Someone with a Amazon Barbershop black-hooded sweatshirt tells police that they have him confused for somebody else as they search his body while he's handcuffed.

That's when shots ring out from inside the shop. A number of people can be seen fleeing from the scene.

Police can be heard screaming to "cover" and a shootout ensues. An officer yells an expletive at a man in the barbershop and tells him to "get up!" and tells another person to "get out!"

A third video from a civilian dashboard camera shows another angle of the shooting from outside.  

The shooting is under investigation through the District Attorney's office, SFPD Internal Affairs Unit, SFPD Homicide Unit and the Department of Police Accountability. 

Police said both officers who fired their weapons have been interviewed. One of the officers who discharged her weapon was not wearing a body camera since she was working as a plainclothes officer.

The officers' names involved in the shooting will be released within 10 days provided there are no safety concerns, in accordance with SFPD policy. 

Officers were initially called to the 200 block of Amazon Ave. regarding a man in front of a residence with a gun.

Dispatch had told police who responded that the suspect, Eid, was threatening his family and had flashed a gun and tried to break into the garage of the house. 

At the town-hall meeting, held at Balboa High School, a family member of the suspect who was killed said they are in deep mourning, but have no hatred towards the SFPD. 

But there was no lack of emotion from all sides at the meeting. Many held the opinion that aside from using lethal force that SFPD should not have let this play out in such a manner in a public place. Some said the police should have used more restraint rather than risking everyone's safety. 

"I forgave Jehad, the minute that bullet struck me, whether it was him, the officers, it doesn't matter," said Doc Conway one of the barber's who was shot. 

One man who spoke at the meeting said his son goes to the barbershop to do his homework in the back and was mad at police for showing up to "shoot the place up."

Police expressed their condolences to Eid's relatives, who also had their say. But the family seems divided on whether or not the lethal force was justified. 

One remembered him as a "sweet kid," but added that they were looking for answers and were not satisfied sof far with the police information.

At one point there was pushing, shoving and shouting between members of the family and those loyal to the barbers and the shop. Police ended up ushering the skirmish outside. 

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEOS (Violence and language)