Do tourists go to Queens?

It's a rare piece of New York history: One of the last remaining Redbird Subway Cars.

The bright red fleet, once making up more than a thousand of New York City subway cars, was iconic for those traveling on the seven line. 

The trains were retired in 2003, many of the cars later dumped into the Atlantic.

The former Queens Bureau president, Marshall Helen, transformed the car into a mini museum for the price of five hundred thousand dollars.

Now, about a decade later, the Redbird Tourist Information Center is closing its doors. The new bureau president, Melinda Katz, is citing poor attendance.

Katz's press secretary says on average just twelve people came a day.

However, tourism doesn't seem to be the issue in all of Queens. 

“The tourism industry is booming in Queens. People want to come from all over the world to visit. We have now over hundred hotels, our restaurants are hot, people are taking day trips here,” Queens Tourism Concil Director, Rob Mackay, explained.   

Instead, it appears that the Redbird Tourist Information Center is just in the wrong location.

“Yeah I know a couple of places that this Redbird would be perfect for. You can either move it to Long Island City, because it’s a developing area that’s coming up, or since it used to be a Redbird train it should be moved  to the transit museum out in Brooklyn,” local Manhattan resident, Mike Lancaster said.

The information center sits in a residential area near Kew Gardens by the Bureau's government office. 

No word on where this train will head next. As of now, it sits in the same location all closed up.