Dog found dead during Delta Air Lines layover in Detroit

A dog owner is searching for answers after his pet was found dead during a Delta Air Lines layover at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Michael Dellegrazie's 8-year-old pomsky Alejandro was making the trip by cargo from Phoenix, Ariz. to Newark, N.J. with a layover at Detroit Metro, where he was found dead in his crate.

"He's not just a pet, we lost a member of our family," Dellegrazie said. He said Alejandro was a happy, friendly dog that he shared with his girlfriend.

Dellegrazie's attorney Evan Oshan says the dog was seen alive in the cargo facility approximately two hours before he was found deceased with vomit in his crate.

Oshan says he saw blood on some of the items they've retrieved, concerning him and prompting him to call the police.

They plan to take the dog's remains to an independent agency for an autopsy to determine what caused the death. 

Oshan is hoping police can retrieve surveillance footage from Delta's cargo facility, which may show what happened to Alejandro.

FOX 2 Detroit reached out to Delta Air Lines Saturday, but has not received a response.