Dog loses leg after being shot on front porch of Md. home

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A Rockville man said a stranger shot his dog at point blank range on his front porch and then ran off.

After several surgeries, Roxy, a 22-month-old Rottweiler is expected to survive, but not without a long road to recovery.

Brenton Sutton said it all happened so fast last Friday.

“The minute that she nudged her way out, I saw one light-skinned person flash in one second and then I saw a pop, a flash, smelled it, heard her yelp and I thought she was gone,” he said.

Sutton said the front porch at his home was filled with blood.

“The door was wide open and she climbed up a flight of steps bleeding everywhere,” Sutton recalled. “She was right next to the pool table panting … And I just grabbed a towel, wrapped her and brought her here to VCA [Animal Hospital].”

The animal hospital staff called police as doctors were forced to perform emergency surgery on Roxy. Sadly, they had to amputate Roxy's right paw. Shrapnel even showed up on her x-rays.

“From the bullet exploding so to speak,” said veterinarian Trevor Williams. “Although this is obviously a bad outcome, it could have been worse.”

Williams also added, “Dogs, I think, handle these types of situations way better than people because I don't think they sit there and they don’t feel sorry for themselves. They just kind of pick themselves up and go.”

Sutton said he is planning to pick up and go as well – to find a new home for himself and Roxy after the incident. But the person who pulled the trigger injuring the pooch remains a mystery.

“I got no problems with anyone that would want to hurt me, definitely would never want to hurt her,” he said.

Roxy will stay at the hospital a couple more days while her owner searches for a new home.

Sutton has started a GoFundMe page to cover her medical expenses. To donate, go to