Dog paralyzed after grooming

Ozzie was just six-years-old when his owner had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him down. Sadly, this all stemmed from a routine grooming visit. Ozzie's owners are used to seeing their beloved terrier wearing a little blue bandanna, standing tall and so proud. He had always been in excellent health with no history of medical issues. Ozzie had been groomed at Furever Friends in Cranford many times over the years. at least 35 times before. But when Ozzie's owner took him a month ago, everything changed.When Ozzie's owner David Schusterman arrived, the groomers asked him for a check before they brought out his dog. "They told me what the price was I put a five dollar tip in there. And then they got Ozzie. they brought him out, lying. I said what happened. They said he maybe broke his back or back leg is broken."

Schusterman quickly rushed Ozzie to the vet, but it was too late. "If they could have called me earlier maybe dog could have been saved." When they got to the vet, he delivered the devastating news. "He said something's wrong with his disk and he's paralyzed on his two back legs.That was it. I had to put him to sleep. It killed us to do that. let me tell you."

The family is still baffled. It's a complete mystery as to how this happened. Schusterman will not be pressing charges, but says he is angry. "I'm angry because they didn't call me when it happened and they knew. That they lied to me. That he got on the table and couldn't stand up. I'm angry because they tried to cover it up."

David did not want to press criminal charges and see the groomers go to prison, but there will be justice for Ozzie. The NJSCPA has issued a violation to the groomers, for animal cruelty. causing the death of an animal and failure to provide necessary care to a living animal, These charged could carry up to seven thousand dollars in fines.

Despite the efforts to bring justice for their pup, Schusterman says it will never bring their furry friend back.