Drivers stranded for hours on NJ highway

Hundreds of drivers were stranded for as long as 10 hours during the storm on two New Jersey highways.  Many had to be rescued via snowmobile.

It happened on Route 280 in Essex County and Route 78 in Watchung and Berkeley Heights.

Darral Conner was stuck in his car for about 10 hours when the blinding snowstorm made the Route 280 impassible.  He documented his woes on his Instagram page.

"You'll never see me at work on another snow day," Conner said.

He was eventually freed at about midnight when a plow truck came through and cleared enough snow for his car to move again.

The Essex County Sheriff said crews were assisting in getting many motorists to a shelter in West Orange.

A section of I-78 was closed for hours due to an accident involving a tractor trailer, leaving drivers stranded.

A frustrated Derek Mindler tweeted that he had been stuck on the westbound side of the road near Exit 41 for several hours.  He said he had been stopped since 6:30 p.m. because the road was blocked and the traffic stretched for miles.

"This is ridiculous," Mindler said.  "We have no idea what is going on."

He said drivers were running their cars sparingly to conserve fuel.  Traffic finally started moving at about midnight on that stretch of road.

The New Jersey State Police said they came to the aid of 939 drivers during the storm yesterday.