Drug smugglers tried using fake butt implants to hide cocaine, police say

A man used two cushion-like butt implants to try to smuggle more than two pounds of cocaine. (Polícia Judiciária)

Two would-be drug smugglers failed in a "cheeky" attempt at slipping their stash by authorities at Lisbon airport, Portugal officials said.

The pair was arrested Monday after they attempted to smuggle more than two pounds of cocaine inside a pair of fake butts, police said.

One of the men carrying the two cushion-like implants, which were attached to a pair of swimming trunks, was detained by the country’s anti-narcotics unit.

While police only identified him as a foreigner from a Latin American country, Sky News reported the man was from Brazil.

The second man was arrested soon after at a train station under the suspicion he would be receiving the drugs.

Police said the haul was equivalent to at least 5,000 sellable individual portions of cocaine.