Dunwoody Police search for men stealing from elderly, going on shopping sprees

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Dunwoody Police are looking for two men who investigators said have been preying on the elderly by stealing their wallets at stores across the city.

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Authorities said Clinton Stone and Herbert Lewis may also have pulled off the same crime in other cities across metro Atlanta. Dunwoody Police Sgt. Aaron Belt said Stone and Lewis were caught on surveillance video at a BP gas station pickpocketing a 67-year-old military veteran.

"They targeted him because not only is he elderly, but he's using a cane for assistance," said Sgt. Belt.

Investigators said the two work in tandem. One tries to distract a shopper, while the other snatches a purse or wallet. Police said they then go on a shopping spree.

"They'll purchase gift cards or merchandise and they'll run up several hundred dollars before the victims even realize their wallet is missing," said Sgt. Belt.


Sheila Harris often stops at some of the stores where police said Stone and Lewis pickpocketed people. Harris said often her fellow senior citizens can be too trusting.

"A lot of people get into that comfort zone and don't realize they're not just invading your space, they're trying to pilfer through whatever you have that might be of value to them," said Harris.

Dunwoody Police said they are working closely with other jurisdictions which have had very similar crimes. Police said they have warrants out for Clinton Stone and Herbert Lewis, and when they are caught they will be charged with robbery by sudden snatching, financial transaction fraud, and elder exploitation.