Elusive pickup truck driver in Oklahoma City led police on chase through farmland, backroads

An elusive pickup truck driver in Oklahoma City lead police on wild chase through farmland and backroads.

The pursuit began around 12 p.m. in Oklahoma City when officers gave chase to a pickup truck that was believed to have been stolen.

At one point during the chase, the driver of the alleged stolen vehicle stopped and removed a yellow box that was in the truck's bed. A car pulled behind the truck and the driver of that vehicle produced a handgun and fired shots at the pickup. The pickup sped away and it did not appear that the driver was shot.

Police unsuccessfully tried to place stop-strips in front of the pickup. Eventually, several of the pickup's tires went flat.

After leading police through acres of land, in efforts to escape, the suspect backed up into a pond. Unable to get out, the man began running on foot. Police later caught up, tased him to the ground and is under their custody.